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Why Choose Vista?

Vista IT Group

Vista IT Group is a national technology provider serving customers in every state representing multiple industries and verticals. Having been in business for over 30 years, our unique business model has evolved to serve as a strategic complement to conventional information technology suppliers. Possessing warehouse, logistics, and full integration capabilities, our ability to execute is unheard of in today’s industry where most technology providers are leveraging external resources to provide value to their customers.

Starting from a humble two-man operation in 1986, Vista steadily grew into one of the largest and most established providers of new and legacy technology in the country. As customers' requirements grew increasingly complex, we expanded our product offerings to include Cisco, Dell/EMC, HPE, and Lenovo. Now with literally hundreds of years of combined multi-platform experience, we've become known as a truly unbiased total solutions provider.

Today, thousands of corporate customers leverage Vista's technical expertise and 100,000 square-foot warehouse and integration and logistics space to be their strategic supplier of new, hard-to-find, and end-of-life technology equipment.

We've always held the belief that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) often discontinue products faster than their useful life expectancy. Businesses often find themselves with few alternatives when products they'd standardized on were suddenly no longer available. Part of our multi-million inventory strategy is to help you protect those investments. At Vista, no product ever has or ever will be discontinued or go end-of-life.

There is Strength in Numbers

See for yourself why over 20,000 customers have chosen Vista as their strategic partner for new and remanufactured computer equipment. No matter how simple or how complex your need, the experienced professionals at Vista are here to help.

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