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QLogic 6100 Series Intelligent Storage Routers

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QLogic 6100 Intelligent Storage Routers

The QLogic 6100 series of intelligent storage routers can save you money now and in the future with affordably priced Storage Area Network (SAN) connectivity - as low as $100 and under per server - as well as saving additional costs by enhancing the Return on Investment (ROI) of your existing SAN equipment. Not only advantageous for your IT budget, these SAN solutions feature many other advantages for your enterprise data center including easy migration from Direct Attached Storage (DAS) to SAN, the ability to manage storage on your SAN instead of on individual servers, and optimal virtualization connectivity with Internet Small Computer Systems Interface(iSCSI). Further advantages of the QLogic 6100 series include transforming Fibre Channel (FC) storage into multi-protocol storage, as well as providing iSCSI to FC routing for easy SAN connectivity to all servers, and enabling storage applications that run across the Wide Area Network (WAN).

Allowing your entire IT infrastructure to capture all of the benefits that can be provided by storage area networking, QLogic 6100 series routers enables the servers on your Internet Protocol (IP) Local Area Network (LAN) to access your SAN for any data they may require. QLogic 6100 series of intelligent storage routers consist of two primary models: the iSR6142 and the iSR6140. While they both share the all of the aforementioned advantages, they also offer many distinct advantages and functions of their own. For instance, the iSR6142 functions to connect multiple SANs throughout an entire network infrastructure by means of bridging and routing services, while the iSR6140 functions to provide enhanced WAN usage by supporting Layer 3 routing capabilities and SmartWrite technologies. Additionally, iSR6142 routers allow for data migration and SAN over WAN replication, while iSR6140 routers provide universal SAN connectivity with the added ability of being able to support up to 512 server connections.

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