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QLogic 3100 Series Intelligent Network Adapters

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QLogic 3100 Series Intelligent Ethernet Adapters

Let’s just cut to the chase - the QLogic 3100 series of intelligent Ethernet adapters offers a freaky-fast 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) throughput, host bus support for PCI-Express (PCI-E), and a dual port configuration. And now that we’ve addressed what you really wanted to know, you can stop reading and buy it already, or you can stay to hear about all the other amazing features and benefits that the QLogic 3100 series provides. Starting out with how they function, the QLogic 3100 series works to auto-sense what speed they need to be to fit in with your enterprise IT environment, automatically adapting for optimal performance – like a freakin’ robot. Layered on top of the QLogic 3100’s functionality are the many epic, performance-enhancing features that the series offers. Some examples of these features include numerous stateless offloads, complete protocol offloads (TOE-capable), dynamic power management, NetSlice I/O virtualization support, Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) and more.

It’s easy to see that the many features of the QLogic 3100 series bring many advantages – reduced server Central Processing Unit (CPU) usage, reduced overall power consumption, and virtualization-readiness – that combine to make it a “just-can’t-pass-it-up” kind of intelligent Ethernet adapter. And it doesn’t stop there – other amazing advantages of the QLogic 3100 series include high flexibility and high investment protection. To better illustrate this point, an example of one way that the QLogic 3100 series is flexible is through the 2 options available - one that suits each enterprise environment that operates with either traditional copper or futuristic optical technology.  And with all of these options and features you’d think there’d have to be tons of models to cover all of the features mentioned in the series. Yet, surprisingly, there is only one model within the QLogic 3100 series, the QLE3142, which embodies all of the shiny features and benefits listed for the series.

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