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QLogic 3000 Series Intelligent Network Adapters

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QLogic 3000 Series Intelligent Ethernet Adapters

As a series of intelligent Ethernet adapters, the QLogic 3000 series are defined by three key factors: 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) capabilities, host bus support for PCI-Express (PCI-E) and a quad port configuration. And while this is probably all of the information that you wanted to know about the QLogic 3000 series, there’s so much more to be found! For instance, the QLogic 3000 series also offers features such as support for numerous checksum and stateless offloads, backwards compatibility, and NetSlice technology architecture. Every one of the features mentioned so far brings something to the table in terms of the performance offered by QLogic 3000 adapters. As an example, the feature of support for checksum and stateless offloads enhances performance by reducing the server’s usage of its Central Processing Unit (CPU) and making it free for other crucial applications. And while the benefit of backwards compatibility may seem fairly obvious, it ensures compatibility with previous generations, the benefits of NetSlice technology architecture are not so obvious, but include the ability to export multiple independent virtual interfaces with each using a portion of current resources.

And while it is referred to as a series, the QLogic 3000 series actually consists of just one model: the QLE3044. As a result, the benefits provided by the series are all embodied in this one, amazing model. Some further features of this intelligent Ethernet adapter include a high level of programmable support for virtualization, full programmability, high performance scalability and a high level of investment protection for your peace of mind. As a result of all of these features and benefits, the QLE3044 model of the QLogic 3000 series can handle a mind-blowing amount of applications, including but not limited to: database clustering, Internet Protocol (IP) content delivery systems, usage in storage and backup servers, cluster computing, virtualization, network security appliances, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and so much more.

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