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QLogic 7300 Series Infiniband Adapters

QLogic 7300 Series Infiniband Adapters  » Vista IT Group

QLogic 7300 Series Infiniband Adapters

As far as series of Infiniband Adapters go, you couldn’t do better than the QLogic 7300 series. Offering single port and dual port adapter configurations, the QLogic 7300 series provides Host Connector Adapters (HCAs) well-suited to High Performance Computing (HPC) applications and the IT environments that require them. Also featuring support for PCI-Express (PCI-E) as well as comprehensive Linux Operating System (OS) support, the QLogic 7300 series not only offers the flexibility needed to work in various environments and fulfill diverse requirements, but are also outfitted with the latest technologies so that they remain on the cutting edge. And with a bandwidth of 40 Gigabits per second (Gbps), the QLogic 7300 series maintains these high standards by offering the highest effective bandwidth in the industry, coupled with auto-negotiation capabilities that allow QLogic 7300 adapters to provide support for bandwidths including 20 Gbps and 10 Gbps as well.

Hopefully this is all sounding pretty impressive so far, because if it isn’t, then I’m not describing these correctly since the QLogic Infiniband adapters are, in fact, amazingly impressive. And to prove this point further, some additional features that the QLogic 7300 series adapters provide include a Message Passing Interface (MPI) point-to-point latency of as low as 1 microsecond – which is a ridiculously tiny, and impossible to imagine number. Furthermore, the QLogic HCAs are able to scale to the size of the fabric, as well as offering a messaging rate of 30 million (M) messages per second – yet another incomprehensible figure. Also equipped with advanced management capabilities due to its Infiniband Fabric Suite (IFS) tool set in addition to a high I/O transfer rate and ROHS compliance, the QLogic 7300 series sets the bar pretty darn high. And all of these amazing features and characteristics are offered in a single port adapter, the QLE 7342, as well as a dual port adapter, the QLE 7340.

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