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QLogic 8100 Series Converged Network Adapters

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QLogic 8100 Series Converged Network Adapters

The QLogic 8100 series consists of low-profile converged network adapters – the most awesome type of adapters around. Converged network adapters have a step up on other adapters, such as intelligent Ethernet adapters, because of their ability to actually “split the stream”. And when the quotations come up, you know an explanation is necessary – “split the stream” means that converged network adapters are able to split up storage and allocate it multiple ways, all the way up to 4 ways in a single adapter and up to 8 in a dual adapter. And on top of the advantages normally provided just by virtue of being converged network adapters, the 10 Gigabit Ethernet (Gbe) QLogic 8100 adapter series offers further features that are unique to their product line. Offered in the one and only model within the series, the EP8112, the features that the PCI-Express (PCI) QLogic 8100 adapter series work together to provide benefits that blow the competition away.

Starting out with the features that affect your wallet – the only ones you really care about anyways – the QLogic 8100 series of converged network adapters have the ability to support simultaneous Local Area Network (LAN) and Storage Area Network (SAN) traffic over a single, shared 10 GbE Ethernet link. This feature directly impacts your wallet because it allows the QLogic 8100 series to reduce the power, cooling, cabling and hardware expenses of your enterprise IT environment. The other, less flashy, implication of this feature is that the QLogic 8100 series is capable of supporting multiple protocols including Transmission Control Internal Protocol (TCIP)/ Internet Protocol (IP), Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI). And continuing with the features that don’t have as direct of an impact money-wise, but offer big advantages performance-wise, these features include support for jumbo frames, checksum offloads, segmentation offloads and priority-based flow control.

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