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HP StorageWorks C-Series SAN Switches

HP StorageWorks C-Series SAN Switches

The letter “C” stands for some pretty awesome things – cupcakes, Christmas, Charlize Theron – and that tradition carries through with the HP StorageWorks C Series of Storage Area Network (SAN) switches, in which the “C” stands for Cisco. Since Cisco has partnered up with HP to create this amazing SAN switch product line, these SAN switches take full advantage of the proven history of Cisco performance by incorporating Cisco’s exceptional technology. Some of the many other benefits that Cisco brings to the table include in-depth experience with storage networking products as well as the ability to offer an extensive product line. And through offering a treasure trove of SAN switch types including modular, fabric, embedded,, BladeSystem and multilayer director, the HP StorageWorks C-series is able to meet the needs of many and diverse customers looking for just the right SAN switch for their enterprise IT environment.

And so if you are looking for a C-lass act, you’ve found it with the HP C series of SAN switches. Able to offer enterprise level performance to access, manage and protect your data center, the HP StorageWorks C series of SAN switches works well for any and all applications you throw its way, including advanced security, Virtual Storage Area Network (VSANs), and end-to-end Cisco intelligent SAN service deployment. And while I wouldn’t literally throw the applications, given the difficulty of holding a virtual object, the robustness of these HP SAN switches speaks for itself. Furthermore, since there are so many different types of HP C-series SAN switches, there is almost no limit to what they can do given the range of performance features and benefits each type of SAN switch within the series offers. For example, C-series director switches feature support for up to 528 1/2/4/8 Gigabits per second (Gbps) Fibre Channel (FC) ports, while C-series fabric switches feature pay as you grow scalability, and C-series embedded and BladeSystem switches feature fast deployment with plug and play capabilities.

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