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HP StorageWorks LeftHand P4500 G2 SAN

HP LeftHand P4500 G2 SAN

Looking for a Storage Area Network (SAN) that won’t let you down? Or, more accurately, won’t let your datacenter down? If so, the HP LeftHand P4500 Generation 2 (G2) SAN is right for you with all the enterprise-class features you can think of as well as completely uninterrupted access to mission-critical data. Some examples of the amazingly wide range of enterprise-class features that the HP P4500 G2 provides includes a simple and centralized management console, integrated high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) features, and SAN/iQ features such as thin provisioning, storage clustering, Smart Clone, remote copy and more. As a virtualized pool of storage resources, the HP P4500 G2 SAN also offers industry-leading VMware integration as well as endowing your enterprise IT environment with exceptional business continuity, enhanced performance and easily scalable capacity.

Another great feature that HP LeftHand P4500 G2 storage arrays can boast is flexibility. This is because there is such a large range in the amount of their hardware capacity. For instance, HP P4500 G2 SAN arrays offer a range of 2 to 32 nodes per SAN, as well as a disk drive capacity that ranges from 24 to 384 Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) disk drives, and more. Some of that “and more” that the P4500 G2 offers includes a range of 2 to 32 Intel Xeon processors, a range of 2 to 32 Random Array of Independent Disk (RAID) controllers, and a maximum memory capacity ranging from 24 Gigabytes (GB) to 192 GB. And when it comes to the storage ports of the HP LeftHand P4500 G2, there is the option of either 4 to 64 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports, or 4 to 64 10 GbE ports, depending on what works best for your unique datacenter.

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