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HP StorageWorks LeftHand P4300 G2 SAN

HP LeftHand P4300 G2 SAN

The HP LeftHand P4300 Generation 2 (G2) Storage Area Network (SAN) product line offers storage starting from a Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) starter SAN to a full-on SAN storage system. Able to provide enterprise IT environments with the enterprise-class functionality that they need at an affordable entry point. In particular, HP 4300 G2 SAN’s are ideally-suited for server virtualization and client virtualization purposes in Windows and Linux environments. Have any of these characteristics of the P4300 G2 SAN rung a bell for you so far? If not, there is also the comprehensive feature set of the HP P4300 G2 to take into consideration. Some of the P4300 G2’s many advantageous features include peer motion data mobility with Cluster Swap technology, synchronous replication, a storage replication adapter for VMware Site Recover Manager (SRM) 5, and exceptional remote copy performance. Additionally, HP LeftHand P4300 G2 storage arrays offer San/iQ software for self-healing storage, thin provisioning, application integrated snapshots and storage clustering.

So at this point, either you’re still reading because something has been mentioned that’s caught your interest, or you’re just REALLY into giving this product description the benefit of a doubt. If so, bravo, and hopefully I reward your dedication in the next couple of sentences. The HP LeftHand P4300 G2 SAN also offers a simple, centralized management console for any and all locations, as well as disaster recovery (DR) features and superior application reliability. Furthermore, HP P4300 G2 storage arrays also feature hardware such as a disk drive capacity ranging from 16-256 SAS or Mid-Line SAS (MDL SAS) drives, as well as a range of 2-32 Intel Xeon 5500 or 5600 series processors, a range of 8 Gigabytes (GB) all the way up to 128 GB of maximum memory capacity, and more.

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