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HP StorageWorks LeftHand P4300 SAN

HP LeftHand P4300 SAN

When looking for an enterprise Storage Area Network (SAN) solution, there are many factors to consider. Does it have enough storage capacity? Will it provide high availability to back up my critical business data? Is it scalable enough to suit my future needs? And while it may seem like you are demanding a lot from a single piece of equipment, your wish list can all be met within HP’s Lefthand P4300. In fact, the P4300 will even throw in some extra features that you didn’t even know you wanted until you found out they were possible. For instance, the HP P4300 offers reservation-less thin provisioning capabilities for enhanced storage utilization (which reduces your overall costs) as well as self-healing storage, which uses proactive disk/volume scrubbing in addition to automatic bad block repair to keep your P4300 SAN in optimal condition. Seriously, SELF-HEALING storage…it’s like the SAN version of Wolverine. And how cool is that?

And since I mentioned storage capacity earlier, it might be nice if I elaborated on what the HP LeftHand P4300 is actually capable of. The starting storage capacity of the P4300 is 16 Terabytes (TB); however, it is capable of scaling up to a maximum of 256 TB – and that’s quite a difference! Other performance features and capacities of the HP LeftHand P4300 include a memory capacity starting at 8 Gigabytes (BG) and scaling all the way up to 128GB, as well as 2 to 32 nodes per SAN, 2 to 32 Central Processing Units (CPUs) and 2 to 32 Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) controllers. The specific type of CPUs used in this amazing P4300 SAN solution comes from the Intel Xeon 5500/5600 series, and offers some appealing performance advantages over comparative CPUs. As a result of all these features, the P4300 is considered to be ideal for application such as virtual servers, client virtualization, email, database and basically, any other business application you can think of.

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