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HPE 8200zl Series Switches

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Think back to your childhood…can you think of your favorite toy? My visions of childhood are accompanied by K’Nex, those lovable building blocks to dreams. As crazy as it may seem, Hewlett Packard Enterprise 8200zl switches are a lot like K’Nex, in that they are incredibly modular and you can basically pull them apart and make them do whatever you want them to (in a limited-to-the-capabilities-of-a-networking-switch kind of sense, and not in the I-want-it-to-become-a-pterodactyl sort of way). Beyond that, the toy metaphors relevant to HPE 8200zl switches pretty much halt. But that doesn’t mean that the 8200zl series of modular core switches have nothing left to offer you, since they have a pretty amazing range of technical features to catch the grown-up IT professional’s eye. For instance, HPE Networking 8200zl switches are able to provide enterprise IT environments with a unified core-to-edge adaptive network solution. And while 5-year-old you wouldn’t appreciate that, I bet the nowadays-you is about as happy as a kid with K’Nex.

Other eye-catching features of HPE 8200zl switches spring from the high-speed, high-capacity architecture that they are built upon, which allows the option of being configured with up to 48 10GbE ports per system or up to 288 wire-speed 10/100/1000 PoE enabled ports. And I haven’t even mentioned the VLAN tagging and support, Layer 2 switching, Layer 3 routing and Layer 4 connectivity capabilities, and those are just the start of the HP 8200zl’s array of impressive features. Within this amazing HPE Networking switch series, there are 4 models: the 8206zl (J8715B), the 8206-44G-PoE+/2XG-SFP+ v2 zl (J9638A), the 8212zl (J9475A), and the 8212-92G-POE+/2XG-SFP+ v2 zl (J9639A). And while that’s a heck of a lot of numbers to throw in your face, each refers to a specific capability of the 8200zl model. For instance, 8206zl switches have 6 ports while the 8212zl switches have 12, and the ones with the whole string of numbers are indicating their Gigabit, PoE, and other capabilities.

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