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HPE 6400cl Series Switches

HPE 6400cl Series Switches  » Vista IT Group

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise 6400cl Switch Series consists of 6-port 10-GbE stackables with optional 10-GbE add-on modules. Packed full with Layer 3 features, HPE 6400cl switches offer low-cost 10-GbE for high-performance aggregation of clusters of Gigabit switches. Providing fiber flexibility to connect remote campuses up to 40 km away, HP 6400 cl switches offer great performance manageability features and are ideal for consolidating multiple wiring closets. Management features of the HPE 6400cl series include flow wire-speed traffic accounting and monitoring, stacking capability for single IP address management for a virtual stack of up to 16 switches and RMON and XRMON providing advanced monitoring and reporting for statistics, alarms, history, and events. Read more...

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