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Custom System Integration

Save Time, Money, and Resources with Hardware Testing and Custom Integration

By the time you receive your order, we've already done a lot of the leg-work for you. Every order is custom integrated and tested prior to leaving our facility. This means reduced time to deployment when your order has arrived. Below are just some of the services that we offer our clients:

Integration - Configured To Order (CTO)

Instead of receiving a pallet of boxes, you receive complete systems ready to be deployed. Whether standalone systems, integrated networking or storage solutions, or complex rack builds, we integrate your tailored configuration in a timely and precise manner. Firmware & BIOS Matching Before your equipment leaves our integration center, we will ensure that the firmware and the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) will match what you are currently running in your datacenter to ensure compatibility and to allow for faster, more efficient deployment time.

Asset Tagging

Want to be able to easily identify the equipment you purchased without having to first rip open each box? Asset tagging allows you to assign identifiers to your equipment before arrival, putting a unique identification on both the equipment and on the box to facilitate deployment and inventory management.

Custom RAID Configurations

For faster deployment, we will custom configure your RAID levels based on existing standards, the desired level of redundancy, and other specific-to-you environmental factors. This process ensures that your equipment is ready to go before it even leaves our integration center.

Operating System Loads

Minimize downtime and wasted valuable resources by having our engineers preload your preferred operating system to your order prior to shipment. Vista IT Group offers OS loading as an additional service; contact one of our qualified representatives today to discuss your OS loading options.

Contact a Vista IT Group integration specialist; just call 888-870-8847 or email